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Throwing sh*t against the wall to see what sticks since 2014.

Our Story

Hello Humans, we are Hybräu, producers of both high and lowbrow entertainment. We are a new media company that specializes in online comedic content (original and curated), social media branding, and traditional project development. Feature and short subjects, web series production, and unique approaches to branded advertising fall under our core creative mission.

Recent projects include the acclaimed short, Come and Knock: The Other Ray Charles (Finalist – Los Angeles Indie Film Festival), Absconded: The Conference Call (Finalist – Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival), Mercy No Mercy, Reading Game of Thrones, Back to the Bad: Breaking to the Future, Squatchtrackers, and the upcoming web series, Mary Tyler, Millennial.

We apologize in advance for offending your Mama.

Meet the Team

These people remain shrouded in mystery and are from Parts Unknown.

Next Steps…

Only you know what those are.

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